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can you solve this questions at http://electronics2electrical.comhow we can extend the range of ammeter ?what is damping torque ?what is controlling torque ?what is deflecting torque ?what is trickle charging ?what is UPS ?how the speed of DC motor can be controlled ?why we use aluminium conductor and not copper in transmission lines ?what are the types of fault ?what is mean by fault ?what is ground ring transmission line ?why the voltage is step up and current is lowered for transmitting electric power ?what is bus-bars ?when the skin effect occurs ?what is lightening arresters ?what are the causes of disturbances ?list the component of AC distribution system ?where the synchronous condenser are generally installed ?why we use booster in transmission line?which is the expensive part in transmission system?how the booster is connected in transmission line ?what are the types of poles in transmission and distribution ?what are the types of transformer ?which is the expensive component in DC power distribution?which is the expensive component in AC power distribution?which power distribution system is expensive and why?what is ACSR ?In ACSR conductor what is the use of steel ?what are the uses of tap changing transformer ?what is surge impedance ?why conductors are bundled ?what is mean by medium transmission line ?what is mean by short transmission line ?what is mean by long transmission line ?how can we find effect of corona?on which side the tappings are provide on tap changing transformer ?explain pin type insulators ?how string efficiency can be improve ?what is feeder ?which material is use for making insulators of transmission line ?which transmission is advantageous overhead or underground ? why?what are the effects of wind and ice on transmission line ?what is sag ?what is dielectric stress ?what are underground cables ?what are the disadvantages of corona ?what is corona ?what are the industrial applications of electrical motors?from what the shaft of synchronous motor is made?how can we damped out the oscillation of synchronous motor?is it possible to make synchronous motor self starting ?how the V curve of synchronous motor is plotted ?when will be the minimum armature current of synchronous motor ?when the load of synchronous motor increases the armature current increases why?how can we use synchronous motor as synchronous capacitor ?at which angle the power develop by synchronous motor is maximum ?in which condition hunting of synchronous motor occurs ?what are the starting methods of synchronous motor ?what is a pony motor ?why synchronous motor are not self starting ?how a mobile works?what is angstrom ?what is ratio of mass of proton to electron ?Is Ohm’s law applicable to semiconductor ?why we provide insulation to current carrying conductor ?what is varistor ?what is the unit of charge ?is Ohms law applicable to vacuum tubes?what is the speed of current ?what is the reciprocal of resistance ?what are the examples of poor conductor ?what is the SI unit of power?how to sketch the lattice structure for the system ?what is KVA ?what is the frequency of DC ?which is dangerous AC or DC ?why we use AC ?why we use grounding in circuit ?what is separately excited motor ?why different countries have different voltage rating ?what are the uses of current transformer ?what is voltage stabiliser ?why we use choke in tube light ?what is form factor ?what is impedance triangle ?what is superposition theorem ?what is ideal voltage source ?what is ideal current source ?what is passive element ?what is active element ?why the electrical appliances are connected in parallel ?if the resistance is connected in parallel the total resistance decreases why?what is internal resistance of battery ?what is KVL?what is KCL?all resistance in parallel will have same?all resistance in series will have same?resistance of conductor depends on?what is superconductor?what is the temperature coefficient of Resistance of conductor ?what is the temperature coefficient of Resistance of semiconductor ?what is the unit of potential difference ?what will happen if we apply DC to transformer ?why we use starters ?what is commutation ?how the temperature is related to resistance ?what is conductor ?what is insulator ?what is wattmeter ?what is electric dipole moment ?what is the difference between RAM and ROM?what are the uses of MOSFET ?what is gate turn off thyristor (GTO)?what do you mean by impulse response of LTI system ? with example?VISIT NOW http://electronics2electrical.com
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