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ERT Extinguishing retention tank and bund for oil transformers SANERGRID

ERT Retention Product Range : fire suppression Extinguishing retention tank for oil transformer, natural fire suppression system
The Environmental Issue:
Many industrial devices such as immersed power transformers contain several thousand litres of transformer oil in their internal cooling or insulation systems. These oils belong to the hydrocarbons classification and may cause severe soil or water pollution in case of leakage.  Retention risk and ground contamination.
In order to mitigate this pollution risk, such industrial equipment must be paired with retention equipment of a volume at least equal to the volume of hydrocarbons they contain: the full retention principle. The European standard EN 61936-1 (§ 8.6.2.) for transformers requires a watertight retention representing 100% of the oil volume oil contained in the transformer. (in the UK, 120%) Hydrocarbon pool fire and  fire risk
The range ERT is also designed to prevent hydrocarbons pool fire risk for electrical transformers. Indeed the range is equipped equipped with a patented fire suppressing system of metal baffles across the top which will eliminate traditional systems such as pebble beds which become polluted and are not particularly effective and also take up part of the bund containment volume. The metal baffles are close spaced but will allow liquid through so that oil and rainwater can run into the tank, but in case of a fire the close spacing means that insufficient air penetrates and oxygen depletion occurs causing the fire to suffocate and extinguish. Moreover this fast suffocation capacity decrease the probability of thermal runaway into the tank, which is very important in hydrocarbons fire, and make this extinguishing system so efficient, natural and simple, by  acting simultaneously on 2 of the 3 component of Fire Triangle.Reliable and 20 years proven model, British Standards & European approved, Patented solution and tested in French National Laboratory of Fire Rainwater drainage and hydrocarbon spill risk.
Furthermore, when the equipment is installed outside it is subject to rainwater that can fill this primary retention tank. To overcome this rainwater/oil leak overflow risk, the tank must be equipped with a system that filters and continuously discharges rainwater while retaining hydrocarbons within a secondary retention device. Authorities have set the hydrocarbon contamination limit to no more than 5 ppm hydrocarbon in discharged water (EN 858-1: “light liquid separations facilities”).Our Retention Solution:
SANERGRID® ERT product range allows you to comply with all regulatory and technical requirements. ERT tanks are mainly used in the field of electrical transformer oils but they can also apply to any equipment containing non-explosive hydrocarbons.Standard Equipment:
The ERT standard version comprises in a series of hot-dip galvanized steel retention tanks that ensure service life that is equivalent to the service life of electric transformers or any other machine they equip in an indoor or outdoor environment (1). Please ask for technical datasheet FTECH ERT for all standard references.
A set of 2 adjustable widthwise beams overhead the tank (2) allows to easily install the equipment on the tank and maintain it above the fire extinguishing system.
At the bottom of the tank, two watertight stainless steel tappings (3) can receive 1.5 inch stainless steel valves: a draining valve and an extra valve to install our kit PETRO PIPE® P-PIT SPI (4) that will ensure hydrocarbons contaminated rainwater filtration and continuous discharge of pollution free rainwater. A security siphon trap is also available on every ERT. It is adjusted to collect the water at the bottom of the tank in the event of heavy rainfall and/or a filtration issue in order to retain the oil while evacuating excess water (5).We also provide several optional items such as clamping braces to fix the tank and the transformer beams, silent blocs to reduce vibrations or hydrocarbons fire extinguishing fuses.
(1) To ensure increased oxidation resistance other surface treatment options shall be considered.
(2) For specific needs the beams can be custom made lengthwise or redesigned to your needs (Option)
(3) The standard tank includes two passageways with stainless steel watertight stoppers. (Optional valves)
(4) The SPI rainwater filtration kit is optional. This kit includes a filter that is calibrated according to the type of transformer oil and the local weather pattern and the estimated evacuation capacity required. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.
(5) The Siphon trap is set in open mode by default. In case of indoor installation, you simply have to install an optional stopping on the siphon.
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