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HB-cylindrical superfinishig attachment

HB-superfinishing machine
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Contact: Mr. BradyDefinition of VSR(vibratory stress relief)
Vibratory Stress Relief, often abbreviated VSR, is a non-thermal stress relief method used by the metal working industry
to enhance the dimensional stability and mechanical integrity of castings, forgings, and welded components,
chiefly for two categories of these metal workpieces:
It describes a physical process is this: that is tightly controlled using a vibration energy,
the metal work piece is processed to resolve the workpiece during and after the processing of
the internal and residual stresses occur dimensional changes resulting load capacity and resistance to change.
VSR(vibratory stress relief) to eliminate, reduce or homogenizing the residual stress of the metal workpiece, the workpiece
to improve resistance to static and dynamic load, the deformation resistance, stability,
efficacy superior dimensional accuracy.VSR(vibratory stress relief) principle
From the micro level analysis, VSR can be regarded as a kind of cyclic loading is applied in the form of
an additional stress on parts. When the workpiece is subjected to vibration applied to the alternating stress
on parts and components in the residual stress superposition. When the result of superposition of the stress
reaches a certain value, the worst part of the stress concentration will exceed the yield limit of the material
is plastically deformed. This is where the residual plastic deformation reduces the stress peaks and strengthen
the metal matrix, and then the vibration but also in other parts of the stress concentration is generated on the
more serious the same effect until the vibration superposition of additional stress and residual stress of the
algebraic and not cause any part of the plastic deformation, at which time, and both vibration to eliminate residual
stress and strengthening of metal on the end of the process.Company profile:
HUABAO  was registered in 1983,it’s a famous brand in RESIDUAL STRESS field,
integrating R&D and sale. Our company covers an area of 50000.
With our abundant experience and industrious and hardworking staff members,
we can meet various requirements from different types of customers.
Our production capacity amounts to 20000 sets per year.
We are mainly engaged in superfinishing technology,vibratory stress relieving(VSR),
welding stress relieving(WSR) and residual stress detecting(RSD) and our products sell well in the worldwide.
We conduct strict quality inspections over each product.
We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.
HUABAO  has been qualified with ISO9000 and CE,
the products always been used in the field of aviation, space, ship, military, railway, machine tool,
ore machine and so on and the products were exported to all over the world.Application:
Carbon structural steel,
low alloy steel,
stainless steel,
cast iron,
non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, titanium and its alloy castings, forgings, etc.),
welding parts,
machining parts.
automotive and aerospace tooling,
paper mill machinery,
mining machine,
hydro-turbine and power generation equipment,
gear boxes,
machine tool building and repair,
manufacturing of large precision components and parts,
runner plate,
hydraulic cylinder,
Textile Machinery,
Food Machinery,
Printing Machinery,
Petroleum Machinery,
Pharmaceutical MachineryHuabao machinery co., ltd
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