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HYPNOTIC Video Inside Extreme Forging Factory: Steel Massive Pneumatic Hammer Forging Machine

Awesome and hypnotic video filmed inside an impressive forgery using a massive pneumatic Hammer. Forging, Ring Rolling, Open-Die Forging, Hammer Forging, CNC

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer (often a power hammer) or a die. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold forging (a type of cold working), warm forging, or hot forging (a type of hot working). For the latter two, the metal is heated, usually in a forge. Forged parts can range in weight from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons.[1][2] Forging has been done by smiths for millennia; the traditional products were kitchenware, hardware, hand tools, edged weapons, and jewellery. Since the Industrial Revolution, forged parts are widely used in mechanisms and machines wherever a component requires high strength; such forgings usually require further processing (such as machining) to achieve a finished part. Today, forging is a major worldwide industry.


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Ко́вка — это высокотемпературная обработка различных металлов (железо, медь и её сплавы, титан, алюминий и его сплавы), нагретых до ковочной температуры. Для каждого металла существует своя ковочная температура, зависящая от физических (температура плавления, кристаллизация) и химических (наличия легирующих элементов) свойств. Для железа температурный интервал 1250—800 °С, для меди 1000—650 °С, для титана 1600—900 °С, для алюминиевых сплавов 480—400 °С.
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