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Interconnectable Tool System for Roadside Accident Scene Cleanup

This unique interconnectable long-handled tool system is ideal for tow trucks because it combines several scene clean-up tools in one, takes up very little space, and saves weight.Products Featured in the Video
Mag-Lok Interconnectable Tool System Have-Duty https://?cid=VAWD0467Interconnectable Tool System Scoop/Snow Shovel Headhttps://?cid=VAWD0467Interconnectable Tool System Square Shovel Headhttps://?cid=VAWD0467Interconnectable Tool System Round Shovel Headhttps://?cid=VAWD0467Interconnectable Tool System Pry Bar Headhttps://?cid=VAWD0467The Mag-Lok system pairs industrial grade handles with interchangeable tool heads that can stand up to the rigors of commercial use, yet can be easily stored and secured.The main component of the Mag-Lok system are the handles. Mag Lok makes three different handles, a 46-inch-long, heavy-duty steel pole handle, a 46-inch-long fiberglass pole handle that is reinforced with a 12-inch-long wooden dowel near the connector and a D-grip solid core 28-inch-long fiberglass handle that also has a 12-inch-long wood dowel reinforcement near the connector. Each of the handles allow you to change shovel heads for the job at hand, eliminating the need to buy and store multiple shovels. Of the three handles, the Mag-Lok 46-inch-long heavy-duty steel pole will stand up best to jobs a tow operator will be using it for. As for the tool heads, the Mag Lok system offers three different shovel heads – an aluminum scoop/snow shovel head, square shovel head and round shovel head. Simply attach any of the tool heads to a Mag-Lok handle with the patented Mag-Lok connector. The aluminum scoop/snow shovel head is ideal for cleaning up roadside debris or shoveling out a stranded vehicle. The Mag Lok square shovel head is also a good option for cleaning up roadside debris and provides a bit more strength versus the aluminum head. The round shovel tool head is there for when you need to cut through dirt and soil. In addition to the shovel heads, there is a pry bar head as part of the MAG-LOK Interconnectable tool system that is ideal for increasing your leverage and moving heavier loads. Make sure if you plan on using the pry bar head, you only use it with the Heavy-Duty Steel Pole .Finally, for clean-up, there is a broom head adapter that attaches to any Mag-Lok handle and fits most broom heads with matching threads. There you have it – the Mag-Lok Interconnectable tool system…Multiple heads that fit on one handle let you replace many different tools with one system and reduce the storage space needed on your truck.  Thanks for watching, I hope this helps you answer the call. Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other products available from AW Direct. Let us know if you have any suggestions for upcoming video topics, and stay safe out there.
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