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Polymer Technology / Engineering Mock Interview 13 of 28

Realistic Polymer Technology/Engineering Interviews: 13 of 28 - Elastomer & Rubber Technology, Plastics in Packaging, and Engineering Economics. For infinite number of professional interviews (exactly as you experience in professional companies - Technical + HR), visit https://InterviewMax.com.

This interview series covers graduate syllabus and the syllabus of Masters degree to a great extent. For example, the key topics like, Elastomer & Rubber Technology, Rubber Elasticity, physics of raw and vulcanized rubber, kinetic & thermodynamics theory of rubber elasticity, stress-strain relationships for vulcanized rubber, molecular basis for material to act as a rubber, classification and chemical constitution of different types of rubbers, glass - rubber transition, storage hardening and crystallization of natural rubber, crystallization in the stretched state, stress-strain relationship for vulcanized rubber, rebound resilience, Compounding and Ingredients, elastomeric materials - selection criteria for elastomers for intended applications, mastication and compounding behavior, basics of adhesion of rubber to metal, principles of compounding, design of rubber compounds for various applications, machinery and method used for compounding, chemicals and additives used in rubber compounding, need for addition, function, level and stage of addition of various additives such as peptizers, mechanism of mastication and role of peptizers, examples, antioxidants, classification and examples, antiozonants, accelerators, classification according to cure rate, criteria for selection, mode of functioning, examples for various rubbers, activators, fillers, particulate, non-reinforcing, examples and effect on properties, C black, types, features important in reinforcing action, mechanism of reinforcement, methods of incorporation; reinforcements, chords and fabrics, blowing agents, colorants, processing aids, tackifiers, plasticizers, softeners, extender oils, Vulcanization and Rheometers, Vulcanization of rubbers: vulcanization by sulphur, peroxides and by other methods, kinetics of vulcanization, chemical reactions, factors affecting rate of vulcanization, Other Rubbers: Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene Rubbers, Polyphosphazene elastomers, Polynorboromene, Polypentenamer, Carboxylated Rubbers, Polyalkalynes, Polytetrahydroduran, Nitroso & Traizine Elastomers, Recent Developments, rheometers for rubber- oscillating disk rheometer, moving die rheometer, Mooney viscometer, Plastometer, Curometer, Details of machines, methods and processing parameters for various types of: Mixing Mills, Calenders, Extruders, Presses, Molding Machines, Hand Building & Forming Equipments, Vulcanization Equipments, Finishing of Rubber Components, Latex Processing & Testing Equipments, mould and die design consideration for rubber products, Manufacturing of Rubber from Monomers, Butadiene (1,3-butadiene), production of Butadiene from: n-Butenes, n-Butane, by steam Cracking of Naphtha Petroleum Fraction, Ethyl Alcohol, Reppe Process, acetaldehyde, Isoprene( 2- methyl-1-,3-Butadiene), production of Isoprene by: the Propylene Dimer Process, Dehydrogenation of Isopentane and /or 2- Methyl Butenes, Isobutene Formaldehyde process, acetone-acetylene Process, Chloroprene(2-Chloro-1,3-Butadiene), production of Chloroprene from: Acetylene, Butadiene, Ethylene, Propylene, Isobutene( Isobutylene). Technology of manufacture of products such as tyres, tubes, conveyor belts and flat belts, cellular products, hose technology, cables, footwear and latex goods, latex products such as dipped goods, foams, rubbers used in power transmission, O-rings, gaskets and seals. Reclaim rubber, types, manufacturing processes, applications, Testing, cure rate of rubbers, testing and analysis of raw rubber, compounds and vulcanizates, testing of finished rubber products, test methods & fundamentals, determination of low temperature properties, permeability and cure adhesion, test methods for determination of free sulfur, ash content, moisture content and total solid content, test methods for hardness, abrasion and wear resistance, tear resistance, weathering resistance, heat resistance, flex fatigue resistance, compression set, resilience, accelerated ageing, ozone resistance, Rubber Technology, Rubber Compounding, Rubber Compounding, The Physics of Rubber Elasticity, Natural Rubber Science and Technology, Engineering with Rubber, Practical Rubber Compounding and Processing, Rubber Technology and Manufacture, Rubber to Metal Bonding, Rubber Handbook, Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology, Rubber Technology Handbook, Shaft Seals Dynamic Application. For details visit the website https://InterviewMax.com
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